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Crescent Moon Coffee House

Post by Admin on Sun Nov 16, 2014 2:50 pm

Crescent Moon Coffee House Welcomes All ..

Coffee House is a non-profit group of volunteers and music enthusiasts. We encourage variety by opening space, supplying sound equipment and technical support for individuals to share their favourite works with all of us, in the manner of their own choosing. We welcome all comers.

Please help us to pay the rent each week.
Regulars: $5 minimum donation. First timers $2. Thanks.
Coffee, tea are bottomless and light snacks are free

As soon as you arrive, please let our hosts, Dennis, Darryl, James, or Tom, know you are here, and what you have in mind, musically. We give newcomers priority getting onto the stage area, just as soon as the current set ends.
We have a stage manager, James, who looks after the equipment. Would you like some support, say, percussion, guitar, back-up vocals?  Let our hosts know.  We provide microphones, and amps, and anything else we can manage. If you have your own backers, or wish to go solo, that is also fine.  Unplugged works for us, too.  Just let us know.

Most evenings, we will limit each set to 15 minutes, MAX, to ensure that as many folks as possible are able to share their music with us. On busy evenings, we keep to that time span: other nights, we e-x-t-e-n-d   it.
We explore a variety of formats, mainly showcases, jams, and circles.
The lead for this option is taken by one-person, who has complete control over who will support, musically.  No-one is compelled to play with anyone else.
Unless it is clear that a set is open to all, please do not insert yourself into a performance without asking.  Check with a host or the lead person. People put a lot of time and effort into developing an interpretation of a musical offering; it is disconcerting, and downright annoying, to have these arrangements over-ridden by well-meaning but unknowing enthusiasts who sing or play a different version.
All comers are welcome.
    Music Circles
Any and all can enter, join in, or leave the circle at any time. In circles, we all participate, each in our own way. This is a very supportive format, as there are loads of ideas, themes, and talented folks to add to the experience.  When your turn comes, feel free to lead, join in, or suggest tunes.   After each song, the lead will pass to the next person in the circle. If the set is clearly stated to be a jam, and open to all, or when we have a music circle going, then come and go between songs.

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