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Welcome to the Forum

Post by Admin on Sat Nov 22, 2014 10:45 am

Here's the invitation that went out to the mailing list and facebook.

We have an online discussion forum for Coffee House.


Here's why you want to participate.

It's free  

It's accessible
You can read announcements and ongoing general discussions about Coffee House without registering or signing in. You can do this from any web-enabled device.

It's not connected to Social Media
The forum is NOT connected to any other social media. You don't have to join a social media system like Facebook or Google+ to read the announcements or general forum. What you write is not posted to Facebook or Google+ or other social media sites.

Calendar and Announcements
There is a Calendar of Events that is tied into Announcements.
This is just the facts and comes up on the front page of the forum (the portal) so you can see the announcements right away without having to hunt around.

Register to Participate

  • You can register to participate in the forum.  All you need is your email address. As a registered member:
  • Your email address is NOT shared with anyone on the forum.
  • You can opt-in/out for email notifications, newsletters and private messages from other members.
  • You can add Announcements and Calendar Events.
  • You can participate (reply) in existing discussions and initiate new ones.

Members Only
There is a Members Only section that is visible only to registered members.
What's in there?  Here are some examples.
We have recordings from November 6th and details about the new sound system. These are accessible in Members Only section.

Open Communication
This is a flat communication model. As a registered member you can read and participate in everything, live and in real-time. There are no filters or central clearing.  You can create new discussions and reply to existing ones.  You can reply to the group or to an individual through the private messaging system.

Now that it is set up I'll be participating along with everyone else as a peer/participant (except when we need something technical done in the background).

Please check out the forum.  


I hope that you will join the conversation about our Coffee House in a safe and happy place.



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